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How much does a custom animation cost?

It depends on the animation level. Its price is roughly $ 100 to $ 200 per 1 animation for in-game-animations. (Based on the 3ds max biped characters, Blender work will be available soon. ) Cut scenes, animations and 4-legged characters will cost more and the Paypal fee is excluded. So, while calculating the cost then you must also calculate the PayPal fee(5%). ◈Detailed

Simple, Idle, Hit, Dead is cheap, whereas Skill or Combo costs high.

If you want to know the exact price, then you can send the list of animations you want to


I am a bit worried about sharing my game information for custom animation.

Your valuable game development information never goes out, and as an alternative, we can create an animation for UE4 mannequins or Unity without your characters. However, if you tell us your game development information, you can get the best quality custom animations.

I am worried about the quality of custom animation. What if I do not like it?

Just take a chill pill. Your feedback is accepted and can be shared through the gif file in the first output. To add more, you can share the FBX file or 3D file as a final output.

If you do not like it, you can get a 100% refund and can place a request for the animation testing.

We also have people who are happy after purchasing the custom animation. We care for the quality of the product and understand your needs.

I'd like to purchase your pack as collection packs.

Except for custom animations, asset sales are made through the (Unreal, Unity) market. It is because individual sales are harder to send better versions separately when revisions or updates are made.

Therefore, bundle sales are not available. If you want a sale, please refer to the sale that Unity/Unreal market runs. (Assets that are less than one year old are not included in the sale.)

Are there any minimum number of requests for custom animation?

Yes, the minimum number of requests for custom animations is 5 Clips, and this is for efficient and flexible animation outsourcing.

What is the payment method?

The mode of payment can be done only through PayPal, and this excludes the PayPal fee. Thus along with the cost, the PayPal fee should be calculated.(5%)

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